On Mon, 28 Jul 2003, Sven Neumann wrote:

> > It's only recently I've installed GTK2 and got the PangoFT2 bits
> > working - and it is a laborious and painful process.
> Could you please explain what's so painful about it? Almost all
> distributions include packages for it for quite some time already and
> even compiling from source is pretty much straight-forward.
> Please note that during the 1.3 development process we did never
> depend on the very latest versions of the required libraries. We
> always assured that even debian testing which is a very conservative
> distribution has the packages available that are needed to build
> GIMP-1.3. If we decided to change our dependencies to a newer version,
> we always checked if this is really necessary.

Very glad to hear that you keep to the  highest development standards and
only upgrade when really necessary.


Alan Horkan

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