On Sat, 26 Jul 2003, David Neary wrote:

> I have been pretty brutal in chopping a bunch of enhancement
> requests today. What's left in the 1.3 milestone is a few bugs
> with patches outstanding and about 20 feature requests, most of
> whioch are claimed by someone or have patches outstanding.

It would be a really big help if those in the know could please add the
easy-fix keyword whenever they know a bug is easy to fix?  A pointer the
relevant file in the source code is always a huge help to those of us less
familiar with the codebase (and that goes for any project).

I dont know if "Count Colours" is anywhere in the list of bugs Dave
mentioned but the "ColorCube Analisys" plugin effectively gives this
functionality but unfortanately was only available for GIMP 1.2 on
windows.  This seems like it might be a relatively easy feature to get
working but then again I dont really know, and it is probably one of the
features that got bumped.

- Alan H.

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