Alan Horkan wrote:
> On Sat, 26 Jul 2003, David Neary wrote:
> > I have been pretty brutal in chopping a bunch of enhancement
> > requests today. What's left in the 1.3 milestone is a few bugs
> > with patches outstanding and about 20 feature requests, most of
> > whioch are claimed by someone or have patches outstanding.
> It would be a really big help if those in the know could please add the
> easy-fix keyword whenever they know a bug is easy to fix?  A pointer the
> relevant file in the source code is always a huge help to those of us less
> familiar with the codebase (and that goes for any project).

Agreed. We do use the PATCH keyword for bugs with outstanding
patches attached, which goes a lot of the way to what you are
asking for. When there isn't a fix, easy-fix should be used for
the situation where the fix is described in detail in the

> I dont know if "Count Colours" is anywhere in the list of bugs Dave
> mentioned but the "ColorCube Analisys" plugin effectively gives this
> functionality but unfortanately was only available for GIMP 1.2 on
> windows.  This seems like it might be a relatively easy feature to get
> working but then again I dont really know, and it is probably one of the
> features that got bumped.

Sorry Alan, that's one of the ones I bumped. It could be brought
back into the 1.3.x milestone, on the condition that (1) the
Colorcube analysis plug-in is GPL, and (2) someone agrees to
maintain it.

That brings up a major point which should be discussed. One of
the big TODO points to come out of the last gimpcon was that
plug-in distribution needed a complete reworking. 

There are several unmaintained plug-ins in the main gimp
distribution, and there are several well-maintained plug-ins
distributed separately. It would be nice to provide just the
core, and have a kind of on-demand plug-in installation process
for other plug-ins (kind of like CPAM does for Perl). Of course,
someone said this all 2 years ago and no-one took it under their

Including plug-ins in the main gimp distribution requires a
maintainer. If someone says they will maintain it, then it can go
in. The other requirement is that it is of general interest - in
the case of the colorcube analysis plug-in I think that can be
assumed. So please, feel free to re-badge the "Count colors" bug
as 1.3.x, but in that case, please send a mail to the devel list
requesting a maintainer (also, link to the sources from the bug
report, if the link is not already there).


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       Lyon, France
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