Hi all,

So, I made my plane (thanks to Roman & drc), and am now kind of recovered. I 
had hoped to get some computer time after a few days to take care of some 
backlog stuff, and keep abreast of bugs for 1.3.19... unfortunately, it now 
looks like I'm going to have very limited time over the next couple of weeks (I 
will probably find to read my mail...), so this is just to let you know that 
I'm not going to be doing Release Managery type stuff for at least a couple of 

I will write a sumary of the technical gegl and gimp 1.3 presentations that 
Sven, mitch, Calvin, Daniel and pippin gave, and post those to the list when I 
get back. 

Thanks for the weekend, everyone, I had a whale of a time. And I hope to see ye 
all soon (next year for sure). 


Dave Neary
Lyon, France
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