Hello. Recently I posted the following enhancement proposal:
Basically, it's about adding dynamic brush features. Right now, the only non-tablet controled dynamic brush feature is color, with the gradient brush, so I'm suggesting that something more advanced be added where other features: size, opacity, hardness and even orientation are concerned. In the event that such a feature cannot be easily programmed, I also suggested a "dynamic path stroke" feature as an alternative. There's also the suggestion that one gets greater control with graphics tablets as well.
I know that Gimp 2.0 has been feature-freezed for now, but there is no reason to be in a hurry over this anyway.
Now, as I pointed out in Bugzilla, I've since found out that Photoshop 7 has some new dynamic features (see screenshots included in Bugzilla thread), including "jitter" (randomness I think), etc. Initially I had thought out some possible designs for the Brush tool box, but in the light of these possible new features, I think I should rethink them.
Whatever the case, I don't know enough about Brush algorithms, so I have no idea what features can be implemented and what can't. Can the rest of you discuss what can be implemented and what can't, and say what you would "like" to implement or leave out?
On the very short term, can you just add a "reverse" option for each feature where tablet input is concerned? This is so one can easily make brush more opaque as they become smaller, or vice versa, simple things like that...
By the way, a few things I didn't find in Bugzilla, and that I find useful (they might actually be there already, maybe I didn't look hard enough, but if they really aren't, I'll add them to Bugzilla):
- layer folders, useful if you work with a lot of layers. Paths folders would also be nice.
- "always on top" option for each tool box. This way you can maximise a picture you're working on, and just have the toolbox you access frequently on top.
Well that's all I can think of for now. Comments?

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