[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2003-08-12 at 1721.12 +0100):
> Right now, the only non-tablet controled dynamic brush feature is
> color, with the gradient brush,

Direction works too.

> Now, as I pointed out in Bugzilla, I've since found out that
> Photoshop 7 has some new dynamic features (see screenshots included
> in Bugzilla thread), including "jitter" (randomness I think), etc.

http://www.arraich.com/ps6_tips_7brushes1.htm gives a better view of
PS7 brushes.

Long time ago there were mails about this (brush architecture, natural
media), search and you can get things like

> - layer folders, useful if you work with a lot of layers. Paths folders would also 
> be nice.

Layer groups are being considered, check past mails. Maybe if you
search with that name, or layer trees or something (some people seems
to dream with folders, I guess, "all is a folder" ;] ).

> - "always on top" option for each tool box. This way you can maximise a picture 
> you're working on, and just have the toolbox you access frequently on top.

Hehe, the never ending story of wm vs apps (for this, i prefer wm, i
do not buy the story of wm having to be invisible and then change the
apps, each one its own way).

I would add one thing: collections. Create a dir and drop brushes
inside, and you get them ordered and clearly differenced from the rest
(selector, tree...), not mixed. It could be done for patterns,
gradients and palettes too. This is partially done, gimp lets you
define dirs at will, but just that.

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