Since there is all sort of mind storming going around, I will add my comments here.

People have considered TIFF, PSD in this newer thread - before the
Camp, on the list, we were almost closed in an ar archive, with XML informatin and possibly PNG raster data inside.

That kind of archive does sound good for me.

But on this new thread were proprietary formats batle along with mutant ideas, here I go:
Why not settle for a Postscript subset?

It may sound weird at first, but maybe it can have a couple more
advantadges that have not been considered so far.

The major one, of course, is that the file would be essentialy "auto renderable" - no need of GIMP, neither of any other program, to get it printed.

Since PSD and TIFF are used by ADOBE, ADOBE also has a program that makes use of postscript subsets.. I just do not remember which file type it is.

It can have color profiling support - it is on the specifications. It has support for multiple compression standards... (ok, maybe you have to encode the decompressor algorithm inside the file as well if you want something too different)

Text layers would have trivial, transformation independent, support.

However, it would be no easy task. There would be the need to implement at least a basic PS VM on the Gimp itself - it cannot rely on GS for it's prime image format.

But it can support all the meta information needed, and with such a basic VM, the files would also be auto-queryable.

I myself don't know postscript THIS lot. I am just commenting on it as a possibility, alltogether in this thread.



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