On Thu, 2003-08-21 at 16:27, Leonard Rosenthol wrote:

> >I'd like to mention that none of the proposed formats except the XML
> >approach would be capable of supporting the stuff we want to add to GIMP
> >with GEGL.
>       Well, that pretty much settles that discussion...
>       So let's start talking XML + archive again, shall we ;).

I never understood the reasoning for this discussion anyway. IMHO the
format that Nathan suggested seems like something from the dark ages of
file formats (where TIFF and the like originated from). I haven't heard
a single good argument for it except that it can do most of the things
that the XML/archive approach can do. There was however nothing
mentioned that it can do better. Or did I miss something?

> >According the library that reads and writes the new format, GEGL should
> >provide this functionality.
> >
>       Requiring an application to incorporate all of GEGL in order 
> to read/write an XCF file is, in my opinion, a recipe for it not 
> getting used by other applications.  (and I say this as one of those 
> other application developers).

We will need the dependency on GEGL since we want to develop GIMP to a
point where no image manipulation program has gone before. However there
is still the need for a good format for exchanging layered images
between applications. So perhaps it makes sense to also develop such an
exchange format.


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