Haven't really tested GIMP HEAD much at all myself, but it starts OK
and some random painting and filtering did work.

Bug reports to bugzilla, please.

Plase don't tell end-users yet, until I have had a chance to do some
more testing myself, to avoid having lots of duplicated bug reports
for trivially fixable (once found) things. (And there is also the
issue that one really shouldn't make available binaries without making
available also exactly the corresponding sources. The above stuff is
built from CVS yesterday.)

The other stuff you will (GTK 2.2.2, etc) need is at
www.gimp.org/win32/downloads.html . (Note that there lately has been
many Win32 fixes in GLib and GTK, and I really cannot say how well
GIMP runs with the "pure" 2.2.2 binaries publicly availablle. Wait for
GLib 2.2.3 and GTK 2.2.3, presumably this week.)


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