On Sat, 2003-08-16 at 01:20, Alastair Robinson wrote:

> Some thought needs to be given to how parasites are going to be stored - I'm 
> thinking particularly of embedded ICC profiles here (IIRC the TIFF plugin 
> attaches any encountered profile as a parasite).

ICC profiles shouldn't be handled as parasites. Parasites are things the
core doesn't understand. It's a way to attach arbitrary data to gimp,
images or drawables. As soon as the core starts to use color profiles it
will know how to handle them and we don't need to use parasites for

I already suggested to store parasites in the archive, not embedded in
the XML. I've also mentioned that I don't think that we should have
folders in the archive since the structural information should be in one
place, not in the XML and in some sort of directory tree.


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