Tor wrote:
> [filesystem within a file]

It's a nice idea in theory, but makes it quite hard to write a parser for.
MS Word files (until recently) were basically FAT filesystems, which makes
it easy to handle under Windows but harder to parse when you don't have a
convenient DLL to do it lying around.

The FlashPix format (now little used?) is also a FAT filesystem; it was this
fact that persuaded me that writing a Gimp FlashPix loader wouldn't be
particularly easy.

So sure, consider the idea, but bear in mind it might be hard to pull off.  

When this discussion started, I didn't like the idea of XML with binary data
portions.  I liked the current binary, tagged, format we have, and thought
that it should just be extended.  However, after the recent discussion I've
come around to quite liking an ar-style archive with a XML catalog, XML
metadata, and texels as separate members.  I think this is roughly what
Leonard was suggesting; we should listen to the voice of experience. 


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