On Friday 15 August 2003 2:30 pm, Austin Donnelly wrote:

> When this discussion started, I didn't like the idea of XML with binary
> data portions.  I liked the current binary, tagged, format we have, and
> thought that it should just be extended.  However, after the recent
> discussion I've come around to quite liking an ar-style archive with a XML
> catalog, XML metadata, and texels as separate members.  I think this is
> roughly what Leonard was suggesting; we should listen to the voice of
> experience.

If I may add my two penn'th:

Some thought needs to be given to how parasites are going to be stored - I'm 
thinking particularly of embedded ICC profiles here (IIRC the TIFF plugin 
attaches any encountered profile as a parasite).

Profiles can be large, so that last thing you'd want to do with one is attempt 
to text-encode it within an XML file.

I'd personally lean towards having a "Parasites" directory within the archive, 
and then filing the parasites within it by name, in text or binary format as 
is appropriate...

All the best,
Alastair M. Robinson

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