On Tue, 26 Aug 2003, RaphaŽl Quinet wrote:

> Well, this may be a bit controversial,

I don't think that there is any disagreement about software patents among
the major gimp developers.

> but I thought about supporting the demonstration against software
> patents in Europe by replacing the GIMP home page by the following page:
>   http://www.gimp.org/nopatents.html
> I prepared that page a couple of days ago, but now I see that the
> announcement about the protest has been posted on Slashdot and several
> other sites.  So maybe it is time to put it on the home page, unless
> most people here are against this kind of online protest.

> The GIMP web site is in the U.S. so this may not be so relevant.  But on
> the other hand, several of the most active GIMP developers are living
> and working in Europe.

I doubt anyone cares where the server is physically located.  I'm an
USsian, and I care about software patents in europe (as well as the US).

> Is anybody against that kind of action on the GIMP web site?

No, I'm very much for it.

> If there is any strong opposition against it, then there is no need to
> have a long debate: I will simply forget about it.  Otherwise, I would
> like to replace the home page of www.gimp.org later today (let's say in
> three or four hours).

Before doing that, please correct two nits:
1. Change "well-documented" to "well-researched" or "well-written,"
depending on what you meant.  Well-documented is not idiomatic English.

2. Make the "no ePatents" graphic point at something.


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