Well, this may be a bit controversial, but I thought about supporting
the demonstration against software patents in Europe by replacing the
GIMP home page by the following page:
I prepared that page a couple of days ago, but now I see that the
announcement about the protest has been posted on Slashdot and several
other sites.  So maybe it is time to put it on the home page, unless
most people here are against this kind of online protest.  The GIMP
web site is in the U.S. so this may not be so relevant.  But on the
other hand, several of the most active GIMP developers are living and
working in Europe.

Is anybody against that kind of action on the GIMP web site?  If there
is any strong opposition against it, then there is no need to have a
long debate: I will simply forget about it.  Otherwise, I would like
to replace the home page of www.gimp.org later today (let's say in
three or four hours).

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