Hi all,

I recently replaced a large part of the screenshot plug-in
(plug-ins/common/screenshot.c) - now it no longer depend on the external
'xwd' utility from XFree86 to work.

I have prepared the screenshot plug-in for compilation on different GDK
back ends than X11, but I have no means experience coding for these back
ends nor the means to test the plug-in on them.

It would be nice if someone on say... win32 ;)... would have a go at
writing the missing win32 part of the select_window() function. It
really should be simple. As a matter of fact that someone could look at
the win32 specific winsnap plug-in to see how it is done there.

The comments in plug-ins/common/screenshot.c explains pretty much what
the code should do.

When the win32 specific part of select_window() has been written and
committed I plan to retire the win32 specific winsnap plug-in in favor
of the new screenshot plug-in.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to write me - or follow up on
the list.

Henrik Brix Andersen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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