Henrik Brix Andersen writes:
 > It would be nice if someone on say... win32 ;)... would have a go at
 > writing the missing win32 part of the select_window() function.

I get the hint ;-). I'll have a look at it. 

Grabbing the whole screen with screenshot (without any Win32 specific
code yet) was *much* slower than with winsnap. It was the image
transfer phase from the plug-in to GIMP that was a lot slower. I tried
to change the code to just call gimp_pixel_rgn_set_rect() once, like
winsnap does, instead of calling gimp_pixel_rgn_set_row() in a
loop. And it is now much speedier. Do you see any reason why this
should not be done? (Maybe also call gimp_tile_cache_size(), although
calling it like winsnap.c does results in black screendumps, oddly

 > When the win32 specific part of select_window() has been written and
 > committed I plan to retire the win32 specific winsnap plug-in in favor
 > of the new screenshot plug-in.

BTW, shouldn't it be possible to write select_window() using only GDK?
gdk_pointer_grab() and, hmmm, well I'll think about it.


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