At 20:18 10.09.03 +0100, Alan Horkan wrote:
>While a Screenshot plugin can be useful (easy enough to discover) it was
>never what I really what I wanted as a windows user.
>Rather I would have much preffered to be able to simply use the built in
>Print Scrn (or Alt+Print Scrn to grab just the current window) and paste
>that into the GIMP.
>Unfortunately the GIMP only me to choose File, Aqquire, From Clipboard.
Which you never tried at least _once_ before complaining ?

Though from the users point of view there may be no differnce between
'Copy' (== here Program internal and fast)
'Copy from Clipboard' (== system global, data across process boundaries,
                       kind of slow)
        [Available from File/Acquire (creating new) and 
         <Image>/Edit/Paste from Clipboard pasting into current image.
>From the developers point of view there is. [If it's still unclear, the
later is the one you are asking for. And it exists for years.]

>Could pasting from the system ClipBoard be setup in such a way as to allow
>me to directly paste screenshots without needing to take the extra few
>clicks to Aquire from clipboard or use the Screenshot
Huh? May I suggest a hot key : ctrl-alt-ins ?

>Should I file an enhancenment request in bugzilla?
Or better ctrl-alt-del ...


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