Ben Campbell ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> I just did a 'get latest' from CVS, and now I can't get gimp to compile. It 
> seems that core/gimpdrawable.c and core/gimpdrawable.h are missing. There is 
> a log comment which mentions a broken pipe during a commit, so it looks like 
> those files just slipped through the cracks.
> Nothing major, but I thought I should mention it to somebody :-)

Simply "cvs update" your local tree again. A broken pipe can happen and
is nothing to worry about. We can do nothing about that.

If you are using anonymous cvs, consider using, since
this apparently is the most stable one. Also hardcoding an
anoncvs-server is a good idea, since they might get out of sync and
you'll end up with a broken tree.

Hope this helps,

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