On Tuesday 23 September 2003 10:03 pm, Simon Budig wrote:
> Simply "cvs update" your local tree again. A broken pipe can happen and
> is nothing to worry about. We can do nothing about that.

No, I meant that the broken pipe happened during the _commit_, and that core/
gimpdrawable.h and .c are completely missing from the repository.

> If you are using anonymous cvs, consider using anoncvs3.gnome.org, since
> this apparently is the most stable one. Also hardcoding an
> anoncvs-server is a good idea, since they might get out of sync and
> you'll end up with a broken tree.

Ahhh... I'm using anonymous cvs via anoncvs.gimp.org. I guess that repository 
is a mirror.
I'll change over to use anoncvs3.gnome.org instead - thanks for the tip!

Anyway, anoncvs.gimp.org is still missing those files. I don't know how it's 
all set up, but it's probably worth someone fixing it, as the instructions on 
gimp.org refer to that repository.

> Hope this helps,
>         Simon

Yep, thanks!

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