Tino Schwarze writes:
 > You're right. If you could tell me such a program... I would have used
 > it. The nearest approximation was xfractint but it's cumbersome to use
 > and doesn't have a gradient editor (and I'm not sure whether it's
 > capable of rendering 20000x14000 pixel images). ;-)

Wouldn't it then be quicker to render the fractal in smaller pieces in
GIMP, output as ppm files, and the just slap the pieces together with
pnmcat and convert to PS with pnmtops?

 > > (And if your desired output file format is PostScript, why not let the
 > > printer do the job ;-)
 > Muhahaha. The printer took about 8 hours to RIP the precalculated stuff.
 > The Xeon/2.4GHz took about an hour to render the fractal.

Yeah, that was mostly a joke...


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