On Friday 26 September 2003 7:19 am, Sven Neumann wrote:
> Hi,
> "Joao S. O. Bueno" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Well, I have never enve looked at Pango.
> You will not get around it, see below.
> > My idea would be to get the text chars and attributtes from the
> > GIMP, generate a image without the text only layers with no other
> > layers above it, and "hand code" the PS code necessary to write a
> > similar layer with the same font and coordinates. To embbed the
> > font, I then would run GS with "pdfwrite" on a temporary PS.
> I don't think it will be acceptable to write a "similar" layer. The
> PDF text layer will have to identical to what you see on screen. 
> Tiny differences might be acceptable but you definitely want to
> apply the same font mapping, glyph substitution, line-breaking and
> bidi algorithms as the text tool. That's why you won't get around
> using Pango for the text layout.
> > If Pango thinks about providing the pdf layers itself, them I
> > will probably check what it does, and does need improvement.
> I was talking about a third-party Pango extension. It's not part of
> the standard Pango package.
> > There are 4 things on this list:
> > 1) The Custom Layer Combination Mode
> >      This will record a plain ASCII parasite with a mathematical
> > c-like expression on how to combine pixels from this layer with
> > the one bellow. (And with themselves, like dissolve mode).
> >      If not for the flexibility, this mode will avoid cluttering
> > the UI each time one finds a fine-tune to the "add mode", as is
> > the Grain merge.
> I don't see how this would avoid UI cluttering. You don't expect
> people who want to use an effect like Grain Merge to enter the
> mathematical formula manually, do you?

No, I think of having a bunch of pre-loaded formulas as gimp resources 
(Plain ASCII in a .gimp-2.2/layer_modes/ ). And them, if someone 
wants to fine tune any of them he will just type his values there.
> > 2) Improve the postscript export (and maybe import) filter:
> >      - Easy: save indexed images as indeed indexed. They are
> > saved as full RGB currently
> >      - Save text layers as text
> >      - Save multiple layers as multiple pages, with some
> > meta-information - Change import filter to erad multiple page
> > into multiple layers as an option. Use meta-info from above for
> > offsets, and combination modes.
> > 3 and 4 would be just plugins.
> (2) would be plug-in only as well, no?

Well yes...sorry, is that this one would come with the GIMP, the 
others might or not get in.
> Sven


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