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> Well, I have never enve looked at Pango.

You will not get around it, see below.

> My idea would be to get the text chars and attributtes from the
> GIMP, generate a image without the text only layers with no other
> layers above it, and "hand code" the PS code necessary to write a
> similar layer with the same font and coordinates. To embbed the
> font, I then would run GS with "pdfwrite" on a temporary PS.

I don't think it will be acceptable to write a "similar" layer. The
PDF text layer will have to identical to what you see on screen.  Tiny
differences might be acceptable but you definitely want to apply the
same font mapping, glyph substitution, line-breaking and bidi
algorithms as the text tool. That's why you won't get around using
Pango for the text layout.

> If Pango thinks about providing the pdf layers itself, them I will
> probably check what it does, and does need improvement.

I was talking about a third-party Pango extension. It's not part of
the standard Pango package.

> There are 4 things on this list:
> 1) The Custom Layer Combination Mode
>      This will record a plain ASCII parasite with a mathematical c-like
>      expression on how to combine pixels from this layer with the one
>      bellow. (And with themselves, like dissolve mode).
>      If not for the flexibility, this mode will avoid cluttering the UI
>      each time one finds a fine-tune to the "add mode", as is the Grain
>      merge.

I don't see how this would avoid UI cluttering. You don't expect
people who want to use an effect like Grain Merge to enter the
mathematical formula manually, do you?

> 2) Improve the postscript export (and maybe import) filter:
>      - Easy: save indexed images as indeed indexed. They are saved as
>        full RGB currently
>      - Save text layers as text
>      - Save multiple layers as multiple pages, with some meta-information
>      - Change import filter to erad multiple page into multiple layers as
>        an option. Use meta-info from above for offsets, and combination
>        modes.
> 3 and 4 would be just plugins.

(2) would be plug-in only as well, no?

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