[Note: I am adding the gimp-developer list to the CC:.  For those who
 missed the context of this thread and might be puzzled by some of the
 statements quoted below, the quick summary is that it started with
 Carol telling Niklas that he was fired from the gimp-web team.  Also,
 the subject "new web project" came from Carol's announcement about a
 new project for a gimp web site.  All this discussion should be
 available from the gimp-web archives when the list archives are
 resurrected.  Niklas' message, to which I am replying below, is a
 followup to a request for a README file in the gimp-web CVS module.]

On Fri, 26 Sep 2003 14:10:23 +0200, Niklas Mattisson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Yes I did write that http://information.gimp.kicks-ass.org/ and it is
> still online however like I said before in a mail, I am not in the
> gimp-web team anymore instead I have joined the gimp-help team for the
> User Docs and I have been looking at the wiki a lot now to try to help
> them with this. Sorry but I can't work with a team that does not work as
> a team.

I understand your frustration.  But as you have seen in the replies to
your previous message with the subject "Not quitting but fired", Carol
had no authority to fire you.  I hope that you will come back and help
with the web site.

> Enough about that discussion. Now I make a README that would use this
> information and put it in the module. However this could be done even
> though the site moves. My question is: Why the site is not moved yet?

I don't know.  Several people worked hard in the last days to update
the new site and fix all the broken links, especially after the
request from Mitch to do it "now".  On Tuesday, I posted the status
update saying that the site was ready.

> I thought it would have been moved last weekend or at least this week.
> Is there anything holding it back? Yosh said he was to tired to do admin
> thingys last Sunday and this I can understand a lot.
> Is there anything important that is holding the site back? 

I am a bit confused now, that's why I am cross-posting this to the
gimp-developer list because some of the developers may have some clues
about what is happening (I hope).

I suppose that Yosh is simply too busy.  I can understand that: I had
a hellish week at work and I did not sleep much in the last days.  If
Yosh is in a similar situation, I understand that he does not have
much spare time for moving the site.

There could also be some other problems, such as lack of disk space
for the move (one disk was full on wilber a few days ago) or some
problems moving some user accounts.

Another theory (please take your tinfoil hat) would be that the move
has been blocked because some of those who worked on it some time ago
do not want it to move anymore and have requested that the move does
not take place.  I don't know if there is any truth in that, but I was
a bit worried by Carol asking how the gimp-web module could be removed
from cvs and saying: "mmmaybe will never move.  it will never be wgo.
play with it all you want, it is not worth the three hours it will
take to move it."  It is difficult for me to imagine a "team" of
gimp-web contributors lobbying for their own work to be forgotten, but
maybe this is happening and all these secret discussions are taking
place outside the list?  Who knows?  ;-) Seriously, I hope that this
is not happening.  A lot of good work has been put in this site by all
those who contributed to it (including Helvetix, scizzo, Carol, Bex,
drc, brix, Branko and others) and it would be a shame to sabotage all

> Or are people working on getting it moved?

I am still hoping...  If it is simply a question of lack of time, then
it will hopefully move during the next few days.  If not, then I would
like to know if there is any other reason that would prevent the
switch from taking place.

>From my point of view (as gimp-web coordinator), the site is ready to
be moved.  There are some parts that still need some work (various
FIXMEs) but they can be fixed later.

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