On 26 Sep 2003, at 18:34, RaphaŽl Quinet wrote:

> [Note: I am adding the gimp-developer list to the CC:.  For those who
>  missed the context of this thread and might be puzzled by some of the
>  statements quoted below, the quick summary is that it started with
>  Carol telling Niklas that he was fired from the gimp-web team.  Also,
>  the subject "new web project" came from Carol's announcement about a
>  new project for a gimp web site.  All this discussion should be
>  available from the gimp-web archives when the list archives are
>  resurrected.  Niklas' message, to which I am replying below, is a
>  followup to a request for a README file in the gimp-web CVS module.]

[snip Raphael's reply]

I was going to reply in almost the exact same way, but Raphael beat
me to it. So basically this is a 'me too'. The difference would have
been that I would have cc'ed Yosh, rather than the developers' list.

Yosh, are you subscribed to gimp-web? Maybe you should be during the
transition period.

branko collin
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