On Fri, 26 Sep 2003 21:06:45 +0200, "Branko Collin" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I was going to reply in almost the exact same way, but Raphael beat 
> me to it. So basically this is a 'me too'. The difference would have 
> been that I would have cc'ed Yosh, rather than the developers' list.
> :-)

Hmmm...  Yes.  But after reading the comments in bug #121299, I saw
that several other developers were interested in what was happening to
the web site.  Since I do not know exactly who is subscribed to the
gimp-web list, I thought that the developer's list was the easiest
(although indirect) way to check if they had heard of something that I
had not.

Anyway, I am replying because I forgot to add a little note in my
previous message: I spent a large share of my spare time in the last
days fixing the new web site because I thought that it would move
"now".  It was ready on Monday, and I posted a message on Tuesday
giving a summary of the recent changes and saying that it was ready.
I haven't done much on the site since then because I thought that it
could be moved at any time and I didn't want to break anything during
the move.  Seeing it go live would help me to re-motivate myself to
fix the remaining issues.  I am not saying that I will not do anything
until the site is launched (that would be stupid), but I would be more
motivated to work on it if I knew that the work is not done in vain.
I suppose that I am not alone with that opinion and those who have
contributed to the web site (and the GIMP itself) have probably
experienced the same feelings at various points in time.

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