Hi all,

As many of you have noticed, I'm sure, we have over-run
considerably the date we originally intended having a

In consultation with Sven, I thought it would be constructive to
put together a list of bugzilla bugs that are still in the 1.3.x
milestone, so that we can get as many people as possible working
on issues that are considered blockers. I'm sure that everyone
now wants to see a pre-release out there as quicly as possible -
particularly given that if we don't have one by Hallowe'en, then
a 2.0 release before Christmas becomes much less likely.

Here is the Bugzilla list of 1.3.x milestoned bugs (there are 12
currently, although there may be 13 in a while).

ID      Summary
51108   [TRACKING] Hidden tool options (missing docs + should be
        visible in the UI)
78064   Entering large dimensions in Scale Image causes fatal
113033  Thumbnail PDB API for Plug-Ins
125008  PDB-API for gimp_path_get_points returns only 1/3 of the
        pathpoint details.
125101  "Divide" layer mode makes everything green
125141  Deprecate libgimpmisc
125142  Make libgimp 64 bit clean
125143  gimp_dialog_new () implementation
125144  Text transforms
125145  Text boxes
58507   Translators should mentioned somewhere (maybe in
        help->about like in nautilus)
66367   Improved animoptimize for RLE or LZW compression
71514   GUI / Functionality Separation
116606  gradients not saved until quit
118547  Convert Text Layer To Pixels / Render Text Layer
119824  Indexed palette sorting functionality
122707  Text: can't make smaller boundary size of block

Aside from that, mitch is currently working on the font list to
get that into good shape (as far as I know he's almost finished
with it).

Some of these bugs could use fleshing out. Basically, that leaves
17 bugs before we can release a pre-release. Some of those I know
very little about, and perhaps one or two could be bumped to a
later release. But for the most part this is more or less in line
with the guidelines for what were agreed as blockers in camp.

Looking at the changelog recently, it's clear that the lion's
share of the work is currently being done by Sven and mitch. It
would be very nice to have people claim outstanding items, and do
them, in the next few days, so that we can get a gimp we're proud
to release quickly.


       David Neary,
       Lyon, France
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