Hi Sven,

Sven Neumann wrote:
> I think it would be cool if you could post regular updates on this
> list.

Will do. How regular? Each time a bug on the list is resolved?
Given that there are so few, I think this is reasonable... Or
when someone claims a bug and starts working on it, to avoid
duplication of effort?

I got a mail from David Odin proposing to work on some of the API
clean-up (specifically, he proposed addressing the
gimp_dialog_new () bug) - I asked him to send the same mail to
the list.

I misunderstood quite badly some things with respect to the libgimp 
API problems, though, so he may not know what he's letting himself 
in for :)

By the way, I seem to recall you saying that yosh and/or mitch
were working on a proposal for the API clean-up - is that
correct? If so, what is the status of that? 


David Neary,
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