here are some comments on the list of bugs that David Neary posted:

> 113033        Thumbnail PDB API for Plug-Ins

I am working on this one. Yeah, I keep saying that for a while but the
code isn't ready for CVS and at some point I lost interest. But I'm
sure I will get back to it soon.

> 125008        PDB-API for gimp_path_get_points returns only 1/3 of the
>       pathpoint details.

There is a patch in bugzilla that should IMO be applied.

> 125101        "Divide" layer mode makes everything green

Helevetix fixed this one (well, he disabled acceleration for Divide
mode until there's a real fix).

> 125141        Deprecate libgimpmisc

Someone should check what functions are in libgimpmisc.h and
libgimpmiscui.h. Everything that seems very useful and has a clean API
should be moved to a final place (and be documented). The rest of the
functions can stay. We then change the Makefile.am not to install
these headers and link the functionality directly into the plug-ins
(see how it is done for libgck). This also means that the plug-ins
using these functions will have to include the header files from the
source tree explicitely.

> 125144        Text transforms
> 125145        Text boxes

These two are high on my list and both are halfway implemented already.

> 58507         Translators should mentioned somewhere (maybe in
>       help->about like in nautilus)

It looks like Simon seems interested in redoing the About dialog.
Simon, is this correct?

> 71514         GUI / Functionality Separation

We bumped this one. Of course it would be nice to get it in, but it's
not a blocker.

> 118547        Convert Text Layer To Pixels / Render Text Layer

That one shouldn't be hard. The tricky part is where to add that
function to the menus? Should probably be added to the Layers dialog
in some hackish way.

> 119824        Indexed palette sorting functionality

IIRC, this change is in CVS now.

> 122707        Text: can't make smaller boundary size of block

That should be solved with #125145. Looks basically like a duplicate.

I think it would be cool if you could post regular updates on this


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