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> Is there any special reason that (almost?) all win32-specific stuff
> seems to be missing from release tarballs

No. The reason is nobody has tried to build for Win32 from a tarball,
so nobody has noticed... or at least not reported her problems.

 > (the same thing seemed to be the case with 1.3.21 already). The
 > build directory is missing, 

Hmm, how are you building GIMP? Does a mingw build really use the
build directory?

If you are using MSVC, I guess the real question is, is there any
chance that we will be able to claim supporting a MSVC build "out of
the box" with a straight face? The stuff in the build directory is
almost unmaintained, and requires manual intervention on the builder's
system. Is manual editing needed for the makefile.msc files? Anyway,
doesn't the makefile.msc files refer to ../glib/build, not a build
directory in the GIMP source directory? (I.e., they require you to
have the glib (what version?) sources parallel to GIMP sources)

(If the GIMP's build directory is to be included in tarballs, it should
be added to the top Makefile.am.)

 > and also libgimpbase/gimpwin32-io.h

That probably should be added to libgimbase/Makefile.am's EXTRA_DIST?
The EXTRA_HEADERS macro doesn't seem to be used for anything in the
generated Makefile?


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