Tor Lillqvist <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>  > and also libgimpbase/gimpwin32-io.h
> That probably should be added to libgimbase/Makefile.am's EXTRA_DIST?
> The EXTRA_HEADERS macro doesn't seem to be used for anything in the
> generated Makefile?

I don't think EXTRA_HEADERS is a valid automake macro at all.

I am not sure about the purpose of libgimpbase/gimpwin32-io.h. Is it
used only in the GIMP source tree or is it supposed to be installed so
external plug-ins can use it as well? Anyway, it should certainly be
added to libgimpbase_1_3_la_SOURCES.

Tor, will you take care of this? Can you remove the empty
EXTRA_HEADERS line from libgimpmodule/Makefile.am while you are on it?

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