Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> While GIMP is approaching the 2.0 release, the libgimp* APIs are
> stabilizing and it's about time to update plug-ins so they will work
> with GIMP-2.0

as gimp packager in mandrake linux distribution, there's one thing
that has always annoy me with the way gimp is released upstream.

a library soname should be <libname>.so.<major>

the major number should be increased when abi or api is broken/altered
(eg: libpng-1.0.x was whereas libpng-1.2.4 is

ie the library major is not related to the library version number.
major is not increased on version bump but on api and/or abi change
(eg: libgal keep increasing its major because of this and gal-0.24

this enable to have different versions of the same libray installed at
the same moment because different programs need different libraries
version (eg: libgk+-1.2 and libgtk+2.0)

as gimp is concerned:

- in the 1.0.x days, its library major was 1.

- then in the 1.1.x days, the soname switched from to
  aka gimp stoped to follow std major library numbering

- in the 1.2.x, it's now

- in the 1.3.x, gimp-1.3.23 library soname is

that is gimp does not anymore follow std major library numbering:
- its library major is set to its minor version.
- the soname contains the first part of the version number

i would like next releases of gimp to follow std library major
- switch back to
- increase library major only on API or ABI change (thus libgimpui
  major may differ from libgimp ...)
- do not ever reset major to 0 when gimp-2.0.x is released

this would enable:
- saner packaging of gimp
- distro packagers would know when they've to rebuild packages that
  depends of gimp because major has been bumper thus meaning that:
  o either packages should be linked against latest lib because of new
  o or package should be patched for new api

thanks :-)

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