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To just throw in another personal opinion: The behaviour you describe
wrt. saturation would be hilarious. It's even implemented that way in
current gimp _until_ you say "OK". After which you have to
(comparatively) clumsily have to re-adjust it.

If the underlying data representation was HLS rather than RGB, doing this would not be ludicrous - it would be expected. OTOH, if the underlying representation WAS HLS then doing something like taking all the green out of the picture - then putting it back without affecting the hue would seem ludicrous.

While I sometimes find the erase tool conceptually difficult to use
(maybe because it's so unusual), the question is wether this is just a
weird added feature (as most people including me _seem_ to view it), or
something that hinders people.

It's certainly unexpected - but it's useful.

I would rather hide that widget from Joe Public to avoid confusing him
than to unnecessarily destroy valuable data.

Let me say this one more time:  If GIMP produces truly undefined data
where Alpha is zero - then GIMP will become utterly useless for
painting texture maps for 3D graphic applications.  That's DEVASTATING
to a large number of your users.

The second law of Frisbee throwing states: "Never precede any maneuver
by a comment more predictive than "Watch this!"...it turns out that
this also applies to writing Fragment Shaders.
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