Le lun 05/01/2004 à 00:49, Roman Joost a écrit :
>   a) Screenshots should be made with the standard GNOME theme and a
>   generic font (like Bitstream Sans).
Standard GNOME theme is ? I don't remember but on my Mandrake the
standard is Galaxy ?? 

>   b) If we make some compositing images, we should provide the source
>   file. The others should be able to make the same image with translated
>   text from it. Julien and Raymond made some cool diagrams in SVG.
>   Unfortunately i can not translate them, without discarding the font
>   data.
Well I made the SVG with sodipodi 0.33 with the fonts installed on my
Mandrake 9.2. My first goal was to release this in XCF with text layers
but the SVG import don't transform the Sodipodi text in Layers (may be I
miss something). So finally I released a SVG that you can edit with
Sodipodi (the fonts used are AD MONO, binary). 
I you think we should use only a few fonts (what you call generic fonts)
please give us a list of the font that we can use (we need at least 3
fonts) and write this somewhere on the Wiki.


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