On Fri, Jan 09, 2004 at 11:10:46PM +0100, raymond ostertag wrote:
> Le lun 05/01/2004 ?? 00:49, Roman Joost a ??crit :
> >   a) Screenshots should be made with the standard GNOME theme and a
> >   generic font (like Bitstream Sans).
> > 
> Standard GNOME theme is ? I don't remember but on my Mandrake the
> standard is Galaxy ?? 
I'm sorry. "Standard GNOME theme" is genglish, i mean the "Gnome Default

> >   b) If we make some compositing images, we should provide the source
> >   file. The others should be able to make the same image with translated
> >   text from it. Julien and Raymond made some cool diagrams in SVG.
> >   Unfortunately i can not translate them, without discarding the font
> >   data.
> >
> Well I made the SVG with sodipodi 0.33 with the fonts installed on my
> Mandrake 9.2. My first goal was to release this in XCF with text layers
> but the SVG import don't transform the Sodipodi text in Layers (may be I
> miss something). So finally I released a SVG that you can edit with
> Sodipodi (the fonts used are AD MONO, binary). 
> I you think we should use only a few fonts (what you call generic fonts)
> please give us a list of the font that we can use (we need at least 3
> fonts) and write this somewhere on the Wiki.
Yes. I just want to make sure, that the "generic" font is available on
every system. Please make a suggestion, if you don't have the Bitstream
fonts installed. Well, the microsoft ones are used on most systems as
well ...

Roman Joost
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