I saw that zoom has been changed following bug 124073. After trying
it, I did not liked it. Personally I think it gives too much
importance to extreme zooms, forgeting most people work around
100%. 4000 to 20 pix images in a reasonable size monitor is what I
normally see, not 40000 pix or people with one pixel painted as
128*128 screen pixels. I also did not liked that it quickly went to
fractional numbers in which one of X:Y is not 1, cos it does not look
very pleasing due the fast way Gimp interpolates when displaying.

So I coded a different version that gives a full integer range in the
16:1 to 1:16, plus two extra steps near 1:1 (it is a special point, so
I made the extra code an improvement and not only a way to make it
work), and for extreme zooms it gives integers but reduced number.

I still have to figured why if I remove the printf in line 131 it
fails when you reach 6% and try to go to 5% or lower, only hint is
that after changing -O2 to -O0 (gcc 3.3.2) in the Makefile of the same
dir than the file, it works. Reducing the optimization level also made
it not go from 255:1 or 1:255 to 1:1 if you keep pressing the zoom
keys (auto repeat).

Help welcomed about how to make it work with typical optimization
level. Comments about the presets also welcomed, I just made a list of
the ones that seemed interesting while working always around some
given factor.


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