[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2004-01-17 at 0309.30 +0100):
> Ideas? Suggestions? (But please do not complain about the lack of your
> favourite zoom level, trying to insert specific "missing" zoom levels in
> the table above would completely break the advantages of nearly
> homogenous zooming...)

After being pointed in IRC to check what other apps do, a search that
resulted in similar things to what I was trying, going thru discarding
what people is used to or the levels for typical images and finaly get
my patch encouragingly classified as evil, I think I will stop wasting
time and keep my ideas and suggestions to myself.

So I only have a question: why is homougenous zooming the holy grail
that makes the rest of issues discardable? Something other than the
words smooth or continous, which only make me think about animation
and not about painting.

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