Am Fr, 2004-01-23 um 15.05 schrieb Steve Stavropoulos:
> On Fri, 23 Jan 2004, Martin Jungowski [TU [ISO-8859-1] MÏnchen] wrote:
> > It might interest some of you that I have build a Gimp 2.0pre2 Mandrake
> > 9.2 AMD64 package and created an RPM file for it. It runs on any
> > Mandrake 9.2 AMD64 installation and is so far very stable and fast.
> > 
> > The URL to download it:
> >
> > 
>  Can you also post the corresponding src.rpm to the list? Giving just a 
> binary package is not that usefull...

I didn't do that for two reasons:

1) The .src.rpm probably would not work since it's linked to the 64-bit
libs (lib64)
2) I don't think that checkinstall is capable of creating Source-RPMs.

I do think though that the binary package is useful for some people,
since it's a 64-bit binary package for Mandrake 9.2 AMD64. But if you
can tell me how to create the Source-RPM (preferably with checkinstall)
I might give it a shot.
You have to help me out here though (since I'm a long-time Debian user;
Only installed Mandrake to have a 64-bit OS and am not really familiar
with RPM whatsoever), is a Source-RPM pre-compiled in any way?


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