codemastr writes:
 > Well the people in #gimp were telling me in Linux that's called a "sticky"
 > window.

If so, they probably misunderstood you (or I did). A "sticky" window
is (as I understand it) a window that is always on top of all other
windows, and stays "sticked" at the same place even if you switch
virtual desktops. You can instruct some window managers to treat
certain windows (based on the window name) as sticky.

I don't think this was what you had in mind, was it?

I think what you meant was that one could tell the GIMP toolbox (and
whatever windows are docked below it) to place itself at some edge of
the sceen (and maximize its height or width), and then if one would
maximize a GIMP image window it would only expand just enough not to
cover the toolbox. This might be doable cross-platform in GTK, using
so-called window hints. Or some other way.


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