Thank you, Sven and Michael.

Oops, my mistake. It was late and I looked up the deprecated functions to see they still need 'img'. I thought I had looked up their replacements before I commented. You are both right of course, that the replacement functions don't take the extra argument.

I was looking at the source (and gimpcompat.h) in order to build a list of deprecated functions for my Perl script that updates Script-Fu's written from the 1.2 GIMP to the 2.0 GIMP.

Thank you, Sven, for the comments about porting a plug-in to the 2.0 API. I haven't done a port of a C-based plug-in yet, but I want to try doing this with the Guash plug-in. The sample plug-in and your comments should help. Now all I need is the time in which to do the port. :-)


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