At 11:06 PM 01/29/2004, Jeff wrote:
Before you put too much more work into a script converter -  take a look
at this one which I just got working this afternoon.  I based it on Marc
Lehmann's old scm2scm script, but tweaked it to (a) convert the
deprecated functions and (b) add some additional parameters to things
like gimp-edit-blend and plug-in-edge.

I didn't notice the change to plug-in-edge. I had already finished my script before I saw your message. I have gone back in and modified my script to deal with plug-in-edge. My script is simpler than scm2scm in that it reads from stdin and writes to stdout, and it won't generate a diff. I have one other minor change to make to it to make it safe to run a 2.0 script through it so it won't alter a call to plug-in-edge which already has the right parameter count. My script will be an aid (for me at least) in porting scripts to 2.0 which I may do from time to time on an as needed basis.

I would like to see your script. It didn't make it through to the mailing list so perhaps you could e-mail it to me off list or post a URL where I can obtain it.

Which reminds me, I haven't yet adjusted the functions that no longer
take the image parameter, but you should be able to figure out where
that code should go.

My script also takes care of converting the deprecated constants (see the comment in siod-wrapper.c if you don't believe there are constants already considered deprecated).


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