At 08:48 AM 02/02/2004, Sven wrote:
Given the state of the guash code and that it never got the reputation
of being stable, I'd advocate to write a new plug-in instead of
attempting to port this code. I've been playing with a thumbnail
browser plug-in to make some more use of libgimpthumb.

The GUASH code looks a little messy too and could stand some clean up or splitting in to several files. I don't know which way I will go with this yet. Thanks for pointing out libgimpthumb. Sounds like that could be useful.

If you had a look at the CVS version it would have been clear to you
that the new tarball is around the door.

I would have looked at the CVS copy I had known it was in CVS at the time. Anyway, thanks for the new tarball. I'll grab a copy of it in a little while.


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