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 > I wanted to add a feature to Windows Version of gimp but I don't
 > know how to get started developing for windows.  It seems that the
 > dev site is mainly for the linux person.  Or at least the
 > directions.

Most of the current developers use some form of Unix (not just Linux
AFAIK). Those that build GIMP on Windows either use the same tools as
on Unix (i.e. the GNU auto tools, make, libtool, gcc), or use
Microsoft's compiler (cl) and nmake. (I don't really count myself as a
GIMP developer currently, as I haven't done any devlopment on the
actual GIMP code in a long time. But I do build GIMP from source code
now and then. I use the Unix-style tools.)

Check out
http://wiki.gimp.org/gimp/HowToCompileGimp_2fMicrosoftWindows .

 > I just wanted to add an SDI type view of GIMP, that way when you don't have all
 > the floaty windows.

That is a rather large undertaking... Good luck. It might require
support in GTK+ to be cleanly implementable. For your changes to have
a chance of eventually being accepted into the official sources, you
should keep your changes minimally obtrusive and follow the same
coding style as the existing code.

You also should be keeping your source code up-to-date with the code
in the CVS repository.

There probably already is some enhancement request in
bugzilla.gnome.org for a SDI (or MDI?) type GIMP UI, but I can't find
it right now.

 > (With any luck, it's probably already a feature and I just have to
 > click a checkbox)



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