Hi all,

Some people thought it was ridiculous to fix dates on events when
we had GIMPCon at the CCC in August - after all, we haven't done
that in the past, and "it'll be done when it's done" is almost a
motto for some people around.

The thing is that we did make a roadmap, though - and we've
deviated from it quite a bit. But I think that without it, we
wouldn't have come as far as we have in so little time.

We're now on the cusp of 2.0.0, and the time has come to put some
realism back in the old roadmap. We expected 2.0 before
Christmas, and it looks like we will have it in February. We need
to start thinking about 2.2 (not just about what we will do for
it, but what we will not do). 

I still think we should stick with a target of the end of June
for 2.2.0 - this will be a short release cycle (4 months), but
the goal of the 2.2 release has not changed - we should stabilise
the codebase, adding some stuff which we would have liked to have
in 2.0 (but not everything that we would have liked in 2.0), and
work on building the community. 

That means that the 2.1 series will be always buildable, always
usable, (almost) always releasable (following the example of the
GNOME release team, my idols). 

This roadmap should not be seen as set in stone, but I agree with
Freedman Dyson that it is better to be precise and wrong than to
be vague. If we set ourselves vague targets, then we will arrive
at them a long time after we'd like.

So, without further ado, here's the updated roadmap... are there
any comments?


Updated GIMP development Roadmap:

Aug 6-10 2003: CCC

Jan 7th: 2.0 pre1 release

Jan 19th: 2.0 pre2

Feb 4th: 2.0 pre3                     *** WE ARE HERE ***

Feb 18th: 2.0pre4 (or 2.0 rc1)

Feb 25th: 2.0.0

March 10th: 2.0.1, creation of gimp-2-0 branch

March 13th: Final feature list for inclusion in 2.2.0

March 25th: 2.0.2 (possibly final 2.0 release)

April 2nd: 2.1.0

April 16th: 2.1.1

End of April: 2.1.2, Feature freeze for 2.2 (anything on the above list
that's not done isn't in 2.2)

Around May 15th: 2.2 pre1 (2.1.3)
Pre-releases to follow every 2 weeks.

Late June 2004: 2.2.0 (just before GIMPCon)

August 2004: The Great Pain - the GeGL migration.
I suspect that parts of this will start in February/March, and
that this will not be complete until Summer 05.

Summer 05: 3.0 or 4.0 (depending on how we go about versioning).

       David Neary,
       Lyon, France
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