David Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> That said, here's what I think is a reasonable target feature set
> for 2.2:
> 1) Migration to GTK+ 2.4, including 
>  - File selector upgrade (allows things like bookmarks)
>  - remove all GtkOptionMenus
>  - use GtkActions for shortcuts


> 2) Cut & Paste across other applications including at least 
>  - image/pnm (raw, uncompressed data)
>  - image/png (compressed data, slower copies)
>  - image/svg+xml (sodipodi, OO Draw and InkScape would be cool)

Some of this is already there (SVG drops are supported) and I think
it's reasonable to attempt to finish this for 2.2.

> 3) Edit patterns in-place
> 4) Save as GIMP Pattern saves direct to ~/.gimp-1.3/patterns
>    (same for "Save as GIMP brush)

This would be nice but I don't think it's a blocker for 2.2. If
someone wants to give it a try, fine. Not sure if it should be on the
list though.

> 5) Preview widget to replace GimpOldPreview

That's a rather large change. If we get someone interested and a
proposal for an implementation is posted early enough, then it should
probably go in.

> 6) User-defined presets for most plug-ins

Can you explain this further? Actually I don't like the idea of doing
it the way we've done it for PNG now. I'd rather attempt to develop a
new PDB that can be used alternatively. That redesigned PDB would then
bring default values, user-defined presets and lots of other nice
things to all plug-ins using it. Did anyone check how far libpdb has
come? Would be nice if we could base our efforts on it.

> 7) Move from SIOD to guile for script-fu

Guile or another interpreter or fix the current implementation. All
nice but we keep asking for this for years now and I don't see it
happen until summer. Let's say, it would be nice to have but it
shouldn't block 2.2.

> On the list of "maybe" stuff, there's:
> 9) A decent image browser/thumbnail viewer + cover-sheet support

This can be developed outside GIMP. There's no need to put it on our
TODO list.

> 10) Macro recorder, if anyone has ideas on how it can be done
>     with the current PDB/undo system

I don't think it can be done with the current system but it should be
considered for a PDB redesign which could be part of 2.2 (see above).

I also doubt that it makes sense to tackle layer groups and layer
effects in 2.2. The timeframe is way too short for these.

> On the policy side, here's how I would like things to be handled
> in 2.1.x:
>  - Every feature added to CVS has a bug # associated with it

How is that more useful than annoying?

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