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David Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
3) Edit patterns in-place
4) Save as GIMP Pattern saves direct to ~/.gimp-1.3/patterns
  (same for "Save as GIMP brush)

This would be nice but I don't think it's a blocker for 2.2. If someone wants to give it a try, fine. Not sure if it should be on the list though.

I'm interested in doing this, I think it's a very nice feature.

It would also fit nicely into "hiding" system brushes as described in bug #118742 - http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=118742

5) Preview widget to replace GimpOldPreview

That's a rather large change. If we get someone interested and a proposal for an implementation is posted early enough, then it should probably go in.

David Odin has said he would like to do this for 2.2, which is why it's on the list.

6) User-defined presets for most plug-ins

Can you explain this further? Actually I don't like the idea of doing it the way we've done it for PNG now. I'd rather attempt to develop a new PDB that can be used alternatively. That redesigned PDB would then bring default values, user-defined presets and lots of other nice things to all plug-ins using it. Did anyone check how far libpdb has come? Would be nice if we could base our efforts on it.

The idea I had (knowing that this is a big change) is to export the serialisation stuff to libgimp, have plug-ins which want presets extend GimpPlugIn which will implement the serializable interface. The plug-ins should then move from a structure of options (as they currently have) to GObject properties for options they want serialised. Then we could re-use the widgets that are in place in the core in the plug-ins.

I won't be able to do this myself, but it would be a very nice feature for someone to take on, if that plan sounded reasonable.

7) Move from SIOD to guile for script-fu

Guile or another interpreter or fix the current implementation. All nice but we keep asking for this for years now and I don't see it happen until summer. Let's say, it would be nice to have but it shouldn't block 2.2.

Agreed. But someone could claim this now, and make it the thing they do for 2.2 - given the work that mitch did recently in further separating out siod from script-fu, this should be a fairly small job.

I also doubt that it makes sense to tackle layer groups and layer
effects in 2.2. The timeframe is way too short for these.

They were on the list as stuff which would be possible, if someone claimed them now and started working on a proposal between now and the middle of March when we will branch.

On the policy side, here's how I would like things to be handled
in 2.1.x:
- Every feature added to CVS has a bug # associated with it

How is that more useful than annoying?

"feature" = "big change which might introduce bugs" - this will allow cross-referencing later. It will also make it more transparent for people following from a distance, or website maintainers, to maintain a list of features in 2.2. The ChangeLog is far too voluminous to serve as a feature tracker. Bugzilla is made for that.

It will also help to see if people are starting big features just before a feature freeze, so that we can maybe bump things before there's a big block of unstable code committed.

It might be annoying - it's certainly something I'd like to see tried. It's intended to help us work on stuff that's on the planned feature list too.


Dave Neary

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