David Odin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>   It looks so. While it is true that GtkPreview has been deprecated
> without a replacement widget without a good reason (in my opinion, and
> obviously in Sven's opinion too), GimpOldPreview is much more than only
> a wrapper around GtkPreview. Besides, we (I ?) could do a better job by
> integrating GimpPreview (or whatever its name will be) more with gimp's
> internal.

Integrating with GIMP's internal? There's no need for such a widget in
the GIMP core (and we have GimpPreview in the core already). What we
are looking for is a preview widget that is especially modeled for the
need of GIMP plug-ins. How would this integrate with internals? I
guess I somehow misunderstood you here.


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