On Mon, 2004-02-23 at 15:42, Dave Neary wrote:
> Could everyone planning to go to Kristiansand send an estimate of how 
> much money they will need to get there? Also, could you mention whether 
> you will need some money in advance to pay for a plane ticket or 
> something? If we know that you need money in advance, we can try and 
> work something out.

For how long do we plan to stay in Kristiansand? Just for GUADEC - or do
we plan to extend GIMPCon2004 to cover the weekend?

> Your expenses should cover transport and accommodation, and you should 
> also say how much you really need - so for example, "My plane ticket is 
> 350, and hotel will be about 150 for the 3 nights, so that makes 500, 
> but I guess I could get there with 300 and put up the other 200 
> myself". Basically, the chances are that there will not be enough money 
> to cover all expenses, but if there aren't we'll try to cover the 
> minimum to have the maximum amount of people there.

I was thinking... Instead of spending NOK 300 (or more) on a hotel room,
perhaps we could bring tents? That could bring in some of cool "evening
hacking" we did at the CCC during last GIMPCon.

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