On Tue, 2004-03-09 at 13:13, David Odin wrote:
>   Just to avoid duplicate efforts, I guess we should try to tell who is
> doing an announce and where.
> I can do the announce on linuxfr (french linux related news site), if
> nobody object. Who will do on slashdot, and other major news sites?

I have editor contacts at (and will submit to) the following:
Linux Journal
Linux Format (UK)
Linux Magazine (US)

and of course, I'll post it on my own site, though I kind of doubt many
people go there anymore (I seldom have time to keep it up to date).

David - forward me the press release to [EMAIL PROTECTED] when
its ready, if you can, just so I don't miss it in the mailing list.
Michael J. Hammel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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