I'd just like to let you know that I will try to donate the next days
completely to GIMP development. I hope to get the remaining text tool
bugs tackled and with some help from others, we should manage to get
all bugs that block the 2.0 release done by the weekend. A reasonable
amount of these bugs will have to be pushed to 2.0.1 or 2.2 but I
think we can get GIMP into shape for 2.0rc1 until sunday. Since this
will involve quite some hacking, we should IMO do a 2.0rc1 tarball but
the idea is that unless there are major problems with this tarball,
2.0.0 should be released a few days later.


PS: Of course it would be nice to get the web-site into shape for 2.0
    as well. I would spend work on this but I am afraid the day only
    has 24 hours. Since Shawn volunteered to help with the web-site
    and will be available over the weekend, it would be nice if a few
    people could get together and make a short-term plan for this.

PPS: I would also appreciate if people would not spend their time with
     discussions that are not related to the 2.0 release. These can
     probably wait until 2.0 is out of the door.
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