I've made a list of all bugs on milestone 2.0 (there were 26 of these
at the time of this writing) and added some comments. I'd like you to
review this list with me and take ownership of bugs if you think you
can fix them.

It would also help to have the bugs better prioritized in Bugzilla.
Blockers should be marked as such. Bugs not marked as blockers will be
moved to the 2.0.1 milestone if they don't get fixed before sunday.
Some of the bugs listed can IMO be moved to 2.0.1 or even 2.2
immidiately. I've added comments if I think that's the case. If you
disagree with any of these comments, please object now.

Do we have a volunteer with some free time and bugzilla permissions
who wants to help me with the bug maintainance?

130985  Tools
        Text tool broken with respect to Undo

        I consider this a blocker but I think I can fix it this week.
        There are probably some optimizations that should be done on
        the undo stack but these can wait till after 2.0.

133719  User Interface
        crashes on paste

        This doesn't look like a crash but rather like an endless
        resizing loop. This should be fixable by always allocating the
        space for the alpha channel in the channels list. Since this
        problem only shows up with a rather uncommon, very condensed
        docks setup, I don't consider this a blocker. But it might be
        an easy fix.

136636  Tools
        Selection mode modifier affects selection at mouse release

        Looks like a GTK+/GDK problem to me. It doesn't crash GIMP but
        it makes some actions with selections impossible on Windows.
        Should not be considered a blocker but it needs to be
        addressed soon.

136219  Tools
        crash with shapeburst gradients (adaptive supersampling / ma
        This one has a PATCH attached that fixes it but Pedro would
        prefer a better fix. Will be fixed before 2.0, one way or the

131965  General
        Deletion of layer with brightness-contract active

        This is data loss but on the undo stack only. This is critical
        but it shouldn't block the release. We don't seem to have much
        clue what is going wrong here.

120021  General
        GIMP Crashes when undoing editing of a blured text layer

        This should get fixed when text undo is redone, see #130985.
        Better to keep it a separate bug report to make sure this
        particular use case is being tested. This is a blocker.

136623  General
        text layer paint problems

        Blocker, since it's a crash. Seems to be caused by some code I
        added recently. If I don't get this fixed, I will revert said

136645  General
        Text and Texture

        Could be the same bug as above (#136623) or it is similar one.
        Reverting the change mentioned above should fix it as well.

93806   Script-Fu
        Script-Fu args parsing needs to be made sane
        This can IMO be moved to 2.0.1 immidiately.

124176  General
        assertion `gimage->group_count > 0' failed when performing undo

        Pobably hard to fix since there isn't even a descrption on how
        to reproduce. We shouldn't block the release with this.

120490  Tools
        Scale tool produces wrong output (misses parts of image)

        Looks like some rounding bug. Data loss but not a crasher so
        I don't think it should be seen as a blocker.

115774  General
        Tablet pointer becames core pointer

        Noone knows what's causing this one and Simon found that it
        might be fixed with latest versions of all libraries involved.
        Tablet support is important but shouldn't block 2.0.

76228   Tools
        brush scaling algorithm fails for large brushes

        Doesn't seem to annoy anyone badly enough to fix it, so it can
        as well be bumped to 2.2. Would probably be a local change
        that can be easily backmerged to the 2.0 branch.

128594  Tools
        Rotating layer more wide than 16000 pixels causes problem on

        Doesn't look like a blocker to me.

118356  Tools   Switching font units should maintain same text height

        I would better fix this. Shouldn't be too hard if some
        uglyness is allowed.

136489  Script-Fu
        gimp-edit-copy fails on transparent area

        This is strictly speaking an API change but it seems we better
        do it since the current API is just plain broken,

128833  User Interface
        Tool dialogs block image (crop tool)

        Smells like another user preference. For anyone comfortable
        with GimpConfig, this is an easy change to GimpToolDialog,
        GimpGuiConfig and a line or two in gui/preferences_dialog.c.

123888  Plugins
        PSD images gets wrong "modulo"

        Can IMO be moved to 2.0.1 at once.

112859  User Interface
        transform tools' preview should take linked-group in conside

        Not critical but it would be nice to change it now so that the
        2.0 UI stays consistent. Otherwise bump to 2.2 ?

65534   Plugins
        targa (TGA) importer alpha support broken

        Bump to 2.0.1.

97734   Tools
        Move tool switches the active layer

        Unless someone has a patch for this hidden somewhere, it
        should be bumped to 2.2.

109561  General
        Toggling layer visibility resets tool parameters

        Not sure how this could be fixed. Shouldn't be a blocker but
        it is certainly an annoying side-effect.

91384   General
        unaligned access when displaying an image

        Needs help from OSF/1 users. Bump to 2.0.1.

132698  Plugins
        Discrepancy in Script-Fu constants vs. DB Browser

        We need to come to a decision here. Need to look at it again.

121871  Plugins
        Saving large PSD's make the psd plugin crash.

        Not a blocker, bump to 2.0.1.

12253   General
        gui problem while more tasks (e.g. crop & filter)

        Doesn't look like this could be addressed in time.
        Bump to 2.2.

So, let's eliminate this list together...

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